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Joe Robson

Joe is a 4th Dan and has been training since 2004. 
In his final year of Sixth Form at Prudhoe Community High School, Joe taught a self-defence club for the lower years of the school for which he was awarded The Head Teachers Award for Outstanding Leadership in Sport.
Joe is currently running his own class at Clara Vale Village Hall on Tuesday evenings. The class focuses on the self-defence applications of karate and the study of Bunkai. This is a subject in karate which has deeply interested him in his own training which he continues to pursue and teach.
Joe is currently studying History in his final year at the University of Sunderland. He is particularly interested in military history and the history of the North East of England.
Joe also has a keen interest in the history of karate and how its practice has changed. He plans to write a Masters dissertation on how karate was transmitted to the North East of England. Joe’s advice for training is to ask your instructor lots of questions, research karate, and to always try hard!
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