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Our History: Shukokai to Seiken Ryu

Shukokai Karate was founded in 1949 by Chojiro Tani a Japanese school teacher, based on biomechanical principles. The word shukokai is sometimes translated as "way for all" and although this may have been Sensei Tani's ethos it actually means "the study of change", meaning that Shukokai is constantly developing and improving making its practitioners some of the most skilful martial artists around.


Gichin Funakoshi acknowledged as the founding father of modern karate said "The Seiken (two knuckle punch) is the heart of martial arts and should be practiced daily" and so when the club was founded the Ryu (school) proudly took its name from this founding principle.

Seiken Ryu was founded in 1975 in Tottington, Greater Manchester, a class that still runs today, and over the years has formed links with many other styles and types of martial art.

Although our karate is very much traditional, in keeping with the philosophy of the style all students are encouraged to broaden their knowledge of martial arts, improve their understanding of the body and explore the concepts and principles that govern karate with an open mind and a willing body.


With over thirty years of instructing karate Seiken Ryu have had the pleasure of knowing thousands of people, producing exceptional instructors, competitive champions and above all sharing in the success of many thoroughly decent human beings.


Originally based in the North West where it still maintains a large membership the home dojo has migrated to the North East. A family run club from the beginning it very much remains so today.

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