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    To all in the Seikenryu community, as you will be aware the government is now enforcing social distancing and as a responsible organisation we are adhering to the advice to reduce contact.  Consequently there will be no classes or face to face training until further notice.

    In order to continue our karate training we have set up a number of virtual training sessions, details of which are below.  These sessions are run using the Zoom Meeting app, to download the app please click on this link.

    If you do attend any of our virtual training sessions we ask that you make a monthly donation of whatever you can afford in order to support those of our instructors that are fully self employed and currently ineligible for government support. Please send your donation by BACS to 77-20-39, 15092768.

    For those that would prefer something more personal we can also use Zoom for 30 minute one to one, or family sessions, these will be £10. Contact your instructor to arrange a session.

    I’m the mean time I would like to thank all of our students, parents and instructors for their incredible spirit and support during this challenging time and wish you all well in the coming weeks.

    Stay safe, stay at home and hope to see you online.

    Chris Yates. 
    Chief instructor

    Virtual Training Schedule

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    Meeting ID: 637 107 2086


    10am - Karate Exercise
    2pm - White, Yellow & Orange Belts
    7pm - Senior Class (Adults or Brown Belt & Above)


    10am - A&B combination practice

    2pm - Green, Blue & Purple Belts
    7pm - Senior Class (Adults or Brown Belt & Above)


    10am - Karate Exercise
    2pm - Brown Belt 3rd & 2nd Kyu's (Brown belts with 1 or 2 stripes)
    7pm - Adult's Only Class (16+ yrs)


    2pm - Brown Belt 1st Kyu's (Brown belts with 3 stripes)
    7pm - Senior Class (Adults or Brown Belt & Above)


    10am - Karate Exercise

    12.30pm - Mums only class
    2pm - Black Belts


    1pm - New beginners class


    10am - Senior Class (Adults or Brown Belt & above)

    Cancelled due to COVID-19


    You can also find us on facebook - just search for Seiken Ryu Karate or click on the image.

    We also use Instagram and WhatsApp to keep in touch

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