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Steve Reed

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Steve Reed, 5th Dan,  has been teaching karate for over twenty years and is the most senior instructor within Seiken Ryu.  

He became interested in martial arts in the early 80's when he took up judo for a few years, as a consequence of work and family pressures he did not return to martial arts until 2001 when he took up karate with Seiken Ryu. He has studied continuously since then and was granted his Dan grade by Kancho and Soke in March 2005.

Steve set up his own club at Stamfordham shortly afterwards and this is still going strong today.   Other clubs taught by Steve include Dinnington first school, Stannington  and Ebchester.

Steve is a fully qualified, DBS certified karate instructor and officiates at all of the Seiken Ryu competitions. He was very proud to obtain his 5th Dan on 13th July 2019. 

Steve has also studied Aiki Ju Jitsu as a complement to his karate and has successfully gained his Dan grade in this discipline
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