Ruary Irons

Ruary Irons is a 3rd dan who teaches the Prudhoe Castle First School karate class. He also assists Sensei Peter Atkinson with many after-school classes including Wylam and Broomley First School.  He also assists Sensei Chris Yates with the evening senior Prudhoe West Academy classes and teaches the after-school Prudhoe West Academy class with Sensei Wayne Bond.


He started karate with Sensei Peter Atkinson when he was just 5 at the Ovingham First School karate class, before later attending Sensei Chris Yates Tuesday and Thursday evening  Prudhoe High School classes when he was slightly older.


Since achieving his 1st Dan, Ruary has taken part in many of the club competitions as both competitor and referee. As well as competing in War On The Floor, he is a key member of the demonstration team and has broadened his knowledge of martial arts by achieving a dan grade in Aiki ju jitsu.