Chief Instructor
Sensei Chris Yates



Sensei Yates started karate in 1978 under the instruction of Sensei Tommy Kwan at the Manchester Road dojo. Sensei Kwan (rising sun karate association) is an original student of Sensei Kimura, himself a student of founder Chojiro Tani.


In 1999 Sensei Yates was awarded the grade of 5th Dan by Yamanaka Sensei. Since then Sensei Yates has progressed through to his current rank of 8th Dan, the most senior grade within the association.

Sensei Yates is a keen student of the principles of Shukokai Karate as examined by Tani and expanded by Kimura. To this end Sensei Yates has studied Physiology and biomechanics and has a Bsc Hons in these subjects.

In 1992 the first Seiken Ryu club was opened in the North East and the next three decades have seen the association expand throughout the region firmly establishing Seiken Ryu as the premier karate school in the Northumberland and Durham area.


We have multiple classes every day of the week so you can train whenever and wherever you find it easiest !


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