Dear Students, Parents and Guardians, 

The club has been reviewing how its membership and licensing works as the previous system of an annual renewal has become impossible to monitor and administrate.  Moving forward the club has opted for lifetime membership with an ongoing recurring payment within the students control.  Therefore if you stop training with the club for any reason you can simply cancel the monthly payment.

We require everyone who is an orange belt or above becomes a club member and holds a license book.  In order to monitor this, presenting your license book at club events such as gradings will be mandatory. 

A license is used in martial arts as a verified record of a students progress through grades and competitions.  SiekenRyu is determined not to increase the price of club events (such as gradings, competitions and courses) despite the increasing costs. 

Please set up the appropriate direct debit on the next page then fill in the membership form and return to your instructor. Once the form is received and your payment has been confirmed your instructor will issue you with a license book. 

Thanks for your cooperation, 

Seiken Ryu Karate Association 


We have multiple classes every day of the week so you can train whenever and wherever you find it easiest !


For general enquiries regarding classes, licences or events please call: 07912 533164

All other queries should be directed to Chris, our Chief Instructor on:  07918 667331

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